Certified Games Master

Stevie Stanger

Location: Calgary

Certified: December 2017

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About Stevie Stanger

I'm Stevie, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I am passionate about being healthy and radiating that out to everyone I connect with. 

When I was fourteen years old I contracted Scarlet Fever. I didn't even know this was a real thing. It seemed like some plague from the very distant past. Yet, there I was in the hospital with tubes running through me and a scarlet red face (yes, you actually turn scarlet). 

I recovered from this and continued life as an ordinary teenager and then young adult. Looking back, I realize this is where my problems began. My sinuses flared up and I began to sneeze. For the next fifteen years I was constantly stuffed up—always blowing my nose and sneezing so much my nickname became 'Sneezy'. I thought this is just how life was meant to be

My Breakthrough

This came when I embarked on a 'Candida' program. I took this on with no real hope of addressing my long standing sinus issue.  However, four weeks into this program I realized I wasn't sneezing any more.  I was shocked to find myself without sinus congestion for the first time in over fifteen years. My digestion was improving and I realized it isn’t “just the way it is”, but rather something I can shift to feel better.

This ignited my passion to discover more about how the foods I eat, and how I process them, really impact my health.

When I experienced Conversational EQ, I discovered how emotions impact so many elements—from choosing the right foods as well as digesting and absorbing them. A simple game could move through these blocks faster than anything I had experienced. This simplifies the journey for my clients.

Today, I choose to focus my practice on helping people rediscover their radiance with a collaboration between digestive health and emotional well-being.

I Look Forward To Working With You And Helping You Create The
Guts To Be Healthy.