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The EQ Marriage Challenge

There's a lot of great marriage advice out there so we're not going to try and compete or reinvent the wheel. Instead, we are throwing down the gauntlet in the EQ Marriage Challenge. challenging all our members in marriages to do nothing more than intentionally play the Prime Six Courage Club game together. For many, especially for couples in longer term relationships, this can be easier said than done. There are many reasons for this (along with as many excuses), but that's the reason we call this a challenge.

The Rules

It wouldn't be a game without rules right? First and foremost, this is all about the game-first. In other words, you're not playing Conversational EQ to accomplish anything other than to play a game together. Got it? Here are the other rules:

  • Game session must be intentionally planned and scheduled ahead (exactly like a date night).
  • No fixing, complaining, correcting or taking subtle digs at each other.
  • No, "You..." language - Example: "You make me feel angry," or "I feel shame because you..." If necessary, use the term "we". 
  • Back to the second rule, responses should only be appreciations or acknowledgments of what is being shared (whether you agree or not).
  • Keep whatever is said during the game confidential between the two of you.
  • Agree to these rules together, including making this game-first, before you play.
  • Play a minimum 4 sessions before coming to any conclusions.

We'd love to hear what happens. Feel free to contact us or start a discussion in our Ask Anything community.

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