Anger: Appropriate or Inappropriate?

What’s the difference between 'appropriate' and 'inappropriate' anger to you. How do you see these in your own life?


One benefit of appropriate anger is to help us determine our boundaries and recognize the boundaries of others. Anger lets us know “this is not right.” And anger can help us become “protectors” for ourselves and the rights of others such as innocent children.

Inappropriate anger can turn us from 'protectors' to 'predators' or 'possums'. Predators break other people’s boundaries and try to turn them into possums. For example, we can speak angry words and tear someone down just to make ourselves feel better while the other person does nothing about it.

Inappropriate anger stems from pride. How has pride contributed to inappropriate anger for you?

Appropriate anger requires courage which leads to joy—feeling glad to be together even when something is not right. Where has appropriate anger resulted in something courageous for you?

What have you learned today and how could you apply it to your life?



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