Use the Prime Six technique to process emotional blocks when it comes to making money. Just pick any related challenge and work through the emotions using "I feel" and "I think" statements, ending with pride and courage. Here is an example video and further below is an application lesson to help you further.

Example Video: Prime Six & Making Money

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Doing the Prime Six Solo

When a playing partner is not available, you can use the Prime Six technique for emotional freedom on your own (you will eventually need another person to share with). All it requires is the deck and journal. Follow these steps:

  1. Lay out the Prime Six in order.
  2. Starting with anger, write out your "I feel" and "I think" statements on any challenge you have with making money.
  3. Answer, "What does pride look like for you in this?" and write it down.
  4. Answer, "What would courage look like in this?" and write it down.
  5. Write down one action step of courage you will take.
  6. Find someone to share with and read everything you have written down. IMPORTANT: Ask that person to simply listen and acknowledge your courage. Advice can come later.

Application Lesson

How would making more money right now make an impact in your life?

What are some reasons people can’t make more money?

Research has shown that individuals with higher EQ make on average $29,000 more in annual salary than their lower EQ counterparts. This has been proven in every industry in any region around the world. This is because emotional intelligence directly impacts the way we approach money to begin with.

How do you think high EQ correlates to increased salary?

There are many reasons that people cannot translate EQ into making more money. The obvious is that they don’t learn emotional intelligence in the first place. But more specifically, we can get emotionally “stuck” when it comes to money. Let’s explore.

When it comes to money, what emotions do you experience and when?

How do you think these emotions get us “stuck” when trying to make or even manage our money?

The reality is, being emotionally stuck with money has nothing to do with money at all. It boils down to relationships: how we relate to others and ourselves which expresses itself appropriately or inappropriately in how we make or manage money.

For example, if an individual grows up experiencing shame, for example having parents that constantly tell their children they are worthless and just a burden, one may have difficulty asking for full price when trying to run their own business.

Can you think of any examples, positive or negative, of how relationships in the past or present have had an impact on how you make and manage money?

The solution to this starts with two steps using emotional intelligence. Step 1 is self-awareness. We need to know what emotions we are dealing with when it comes to money. Step 2 is developing the skills to process and self-regulate when experiencing those emotions. This way we don’t make emotional decisions with our finances. Just having a discussion like this is a great start.

How do you think the emotion of anger could impact how you make and manage money? What about disgust, fear, sadness, hopelessness and shame?

What has occurred for you today and how might you apply it to your life? Try practicing the Prime Six Technique for Emotional Freedom on any are of finances.

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