We recommend practicing Prime Six Courage Club—the regular game and technique—at least once per week. P6CC is designed to introduce you to the mechanics of Conversational EQ so the next levels can be attained with the right foundation.

What to Expect in the Next Level

The next deck is Level I which will unlock in one month. Level I will teach you a skill called EQTunement. EQTunement combines emotional intelligence with the conversational skill of attunement—telling the other person that you:

  • See
  • Hear
  • Understand
  • Care

In addition, Conversational EQ Level I will teach the following concepts:

  • Corrective Complex - Knee jerk reaction to fix, heal, convert, teach and direct.
  • Collaborative Change - Using self-awareness, emotional vocabulary and empathy.
  • The Word 'Why' - How it affects the brain.
  • The Word 'But' - How it is an eraser.
  • Emotional Agility - Self-awareness and accuracy with emotions.



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