Emotional Intelligence Makes Money

For many, having a conversation about anything that ultimately involves a financial transaction, can be an emotional roller coaster. Money is a loaded topic because we each have different emotional relationships with our finances. These represent unique challenges, but also offers many opportunities.


It is well known that the secret to sales is listening. But listening isn't enough. You need active listening. This is a skill that requires emotional intelligence. Emotioanal intelligence allows you to recognize a prospect's emotions. For example, seeing the barely perceptible reaction to your pitch, and then knowing how to ask the right questions to ensure the best chance of a sale. You don't want to price yourself out of a deal or leave money on the table. This is where Conversational EQ will help create collaborative sales conversations, where everybody wins and feels great at the same time.

When we work with clients and ask, "What is your most effective and preferred method of gaining new customers?" the answer is always the same—referrals. This shows that sales and networking go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the bigger and more engaged your network, the more referrals you will receive.


The best networkers are the best conversationalists. This is because great networking is all about great relationships. While networking can be one of the best forms of marketing, it can be as nerve-racking as a blind date or speed-dating. To be an effective networker, you need to make connections that stand out from the crowd. Learn to leave an impression that lasts beyond LinkedIn. Use simple conversational tools for maximum engagement.

Career Advancement

Advancing your career is more than just knowing how to negotiate salary or ask for a promotion. You must consider where you stand with management, how you get along in the culture, and how you handle reviews with constructive feedback. Emotional intelligence will help you navigate the various situations that can happen at work. You can learn to respond professionally—making it known how much value you bring to the organization. With Conversational EQ, you don't have to step on anybody to climb the corporate ladder, nor will you be the one who is highly capable yet constantly overlooked.

Career advancement combines networking and sales. The more you network, the more potential opportunities you will encounter. After all, the best way to attain a new professional opportunity—either externally or within your organization—is to be referred. And the higher your EQ, the more effective you will be at all of the above.

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