Certified Games Master

Michelle Giangualano

Location: Calgary

Certified: October 2017

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About Michelle Giangualano

Olympic athlete, mother, entrepreneur & innovator... Michelle Giangualano has embraced life’s challenges and used them to inspire her journey. Leading up to and throughout her Olympic journey, she was hampered by severe asthma & fibromyalgia. Despite these challenges, she reached a career high ranking of 5th in the world. Ultimately, her health challenges forced an early retirement form her sport, however this reality became the basis for what is now her life’s work.

Fast forward several years, to motherhood… Having children facing similar health issues to her own, she took on a journey to support their healing and today she lives free of these former health challenges. What began with a physical journey was ultimately turned to a metal heath focus as anxiety became an over-riding force in her family’s life.

Michelle possesses an inner motivation to thrive, and to find ever expanding ways to help others along the way. This ultimately led her to focus: Conversational EQ. As an athlete and entrepreneur she walks the path through a deep understanding of both the up and the downside of the daily journey towards success. A journey all too often thwarted by emotional upsets and a lack of skill that allow for consistent and powerful growth.

Her discovery of Conversational EQ and emotional intelligence was the missing piece of the puzzle that brought together the many years of study, research and work in the field of transforming lives. This became a deeply personal matter as she utilized these skills to help her own child overcome and manage debilitating anxiety and return to a state of thriving in life. It not only helped her child, but also her as a mother, to return to joy and hope in life.

Through motivational speaking, individual and group coaching, she has worked first hand with thousands of people and their journey through struggle and success. Today she brings these realms of work together, with science and real life techniques that will literally transform the way you think, and behave.

This profound work is the current focus for Michelle, as she specializes in the helping families (parents and youth), as a continuation of her work in natural health.

While she spent years helping her children heal in the physical sense, she has now extended that to the realm of mind and emotion, benefiting not only her own family, but the families of many others. This work with family is key to our success in society… Discover with her, how this has a direct impact on both home and work lives.