Prime Six Courage Club

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The Prime Six Courage Club is the starter deck for the Conversational EQ set of games. Start having conversations that train your brain for emotional intelligence. It is specially designed for emotional freedom, social skills, emotions coaching, academics and emotional capacity in children. This is a great introduction to Conversational EQ.


  • 12    2-Coin 'Ask Permission' cards (white backs)
  • 9     3-Coin 'Open Question' Emotions Scale cards (green backs)
  • 6     1-Coin 'Prime Six' cards (green backs)
  • 12    3-Coin 'Open Question' cards (white backs)
  • 11     1-Coin Emotion cards (white backs)

Game Length

This game is designed for 2-4 players including Certified Trainer.


  1. Shuffle and place all cards face down in the middle of all players.
  2. Decide how many rounds to play OR set a number for a coin goal. The game will end after the set number of rounds or once a player reaches the goal.

P6CC: Gameplay

Regular Gameplay

  1. Decide which player will start the game.
  2. Each player will take turns choosing 1 card from the pile and making an "I feel" and "I think" statement.
    • NOTE: Action Cards are identified with 'Ask Permission' or 'Open Question' at the top of the card.
    • 'Ask Permission' – Share an "I feel" statement and ask the group's permission to share what you think.
    • 'Open Question' – Share an "I feel" statement. The player to your left asks you an open question about your statement.
  3. After the statement is made, the player keeps the card and play continues clockwise.

To End the Game

If played for a set number of rounds, after all rounds are finished, each player counts how many coins they have on the back of collected cards. The player with the most cards is the winner.

If played for a set number of coins collected, each player keeps track of coins collected and once the target number of coins is reached, that player is the winner.

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