Level II of Conversational EQ adds EQ-based skills to turn every conversation into an opportunity for Collaborative Change. These are conversational skills that can be used in sales, management, team dynamics, parenting, marriages, socializing and coaching for whole-body health. 


  • 15    Emotions Scale cards (white backs)
  • 15    Emotion cards (white backs)
  • 4     Board cards (green backs)
  • 20   S.O.A.r. cards (backs coins on them)

Game Length

These games are designed for 2-3 players including the Certified Trainer.


A Certified Trainer has taught you the SOAr techniques. For online coaching and deeper understanding you can join a membership plan >

Level II: Gameplay

SOAr Game

One person will use the emotion cards in the Level II deck and everybody else will be using SOAr techniques.

1. Place the SOAr board cards on the table to remind every player of each SOAr technique. One player will have all the emotion cards and the other players will get one of each SOAr technique (1 summary, 1 open question, 1 appreciation, 1 reflection).

(SINGLE image of SOAr cards in a row)

2. One person draws an emotion card and shares an "I feel" and "I think" statement.

3. The rest of the players respond with SOAr, starting with an Open Question laying and down the used card. The player, drawing the emotion, answers the questions of each player.

4. The player assigned to emotions then draws another card and shares an "I feel" and "I think" statement related to the topic around the first emotion. It is important to generally stay on the same subject so other players can deliver an easier summary.

5. The other players will respond with an Appreciation, laying down the used card.

6. After the appreciation round, another emotion is drawn with the "I feel" and "I think" statements (remember to stay on the same subject), the other players will make a Reflection, laying down the used card.

At any point in time, feel free to try each SOAr technique multiple times.

At this point, the player using emotion cards should have multiple emotions cards on the table. It is now time for the other players to make a Summary statement based on all the emotion cards and conversations used in the game. 

The game ends when the summaries are satisfactory.

Emotional Wealth Game

For 2 players only.

This game uses the SOAr techniques in a fluid organic conversation. One player is in charge of the SOAr cards (backs with coins) as the conversation "Responder" and the other player will be the conversation "Leader."

1. Place the SOAr cards face up in four piles for each technique.

(Image of SOAr cards face up in 4 piles)

2. Decide on a topic of conversation or scenario. For example: a sales presentation.

3. The "Leader" starts with an open question. The "Responder" answers.

4. The "Responder" gives the "Leader" an Open Question card.

5. From there, the conversations continues freely. The "Leader" can use any technique and the "Responder" will reward the cards accordingly. This continues until the "Leader" can deliver a proper summary.

After the summary is delivered, the 'Leader" totals number of Joy Coins collected on the back of the SOAr cards. The goal is to use as many SOAr techniques as possible and collect more Joy Coins in each conversation.

Try practicing multiple conversation topics and switching "Leader" and "Responder" roles.

Advanced Prime Six Courage Club Game

The SOAr technique makes the Prime Six Courage Club game even more effective. If you have not had a demo already, contact your Certified Trainer. Or join a membership plan and learn this advanced game online.

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