Level II: The SOAr Game

This game is designed to help everybody practice making conversations SOAr.

To play this game, one person will use the emotion cards in the Level II deck (remove the cards with number scale) and everybody else will be using SOAr techniques. We recommend a maximum four people playing this game at a time.

1. Have the SOAr board cards on the table.

2. Have one person draw an emotion card and shares an "I feel" and "I think" statement.

3. The rest of the players then respond with SOAr, starting with an open question. The player drawing the emotion should answer the question.

4. The player assigned to emotions then draws another card and shares an "I feel" and "I think" statement related to the first emotion. It is important to generally stay on the same subject, which will become clear when it is time to deliver a summary.

5. The other players will respond with an appreciation.

6. Finally, after another emotion is drawn with the "I feel" and "I think" statements (remember to stay on the same subject), the other players will try a reflection.

At any point in time, feel free to try each SOAr technique multiple times.

7. By this point, one player should have multiple emotions cards on the table. It is now time for the other players to try a summary based on all the emotion cards used in the game. This means they are each going to summarize what they saw, heard, understood and cared about, and then Ask, Offer, Ask to lead the conversation into Collaborative Change.

Remember, the whole point of this game is to practice SOAr technique. Therefore, the conversation may not completely emulate what would happen in a natural conversation. But, this keeps everybody practicing being creative and slows the game down so everybody's brains can begin to develop new neural pathways and skills.

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