Level II: Emotional Wealth Game

This game puts everything together in Level II. Ideally, this is played between two people practicing a conversation. Player 1 uses the SOAr techniques and leads the conversation, and Player 2 holds the emotional wealth cards (black backs) and responds to the conversation.

1. Place the SOAr board cards (green backs) on the table.

2. Both players pick a topic of conversation or scenario. For example: a sales presentation.

3. Player 1 starts the conversation with an Open Question.

4. Player 2 answers the question and places an Open Question card face down on the table so that the Joy Coin is face up. This is the start of the emotional wealth pile.

5. Player 1 is free to lead the conversation and practice EQTunement using every SOAr technique freely. The conversation should be as natural and organic as possible.

6. Every time a SOAr technique is used properly, Player 2 will give Player 1 the matching card which represents a Joy Coin.

7. When the time is right, Player 1 will offer a summary.

8. Player 2 will determine whether the summary qualifies for a Joy Coin or not. If yes, the game is over and the Joy Coins are counted. If the answer is no, Player 1 can continue the conversation and eventually try another summary. There are only two summary cards so the game should end then.

Eventually, everybody should be able to have a fluid conversation using Conversational EQ techniques without the cards. This is the ultimate goal. Keep practicing.

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