Level I: Emotional Wealth & Joy

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a skill we can all learn. However, EQ by itself represents only half of our potential. We can learn to convert emotional intelligence into emotional wealth, and then invest our emotional wealth for results into other forms of wealth such as financial and relational wealth.

The currency of emotional wealth is joy. Joy is defined by being glad to be with each other. Joy is particularly powerful when we are willing to be vulnerable and authentic. Joy is also built up by appreciation in strength and tender responses to weakness. This is the reason our logo is a currency symbol for joy.

Every time you use Conversational EQ techniques, you make a deposit into an emotional wealth account. A common mistake is to spend that emotional deposit right away. Like any good investment, you should seek a return. This is why you will then invest that balance of emotional wealth into your personal and professional endeavors. After a while, there will be exponential growth and a foundation of personal awareness and security that cannot be shaken. You ensure that you do not go emotionally bankrupt and develop a resilience that protects you and those around you.

In Conversational EQ, emotional wealth will be the constant focus. Everywhere you see a Joy Coin, it should remind you that you are well on your way to becoming emotionally wealthy.

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