According to TalentSmart, individuals around the world with high EQ earn on average $29,000 more in annual salary— regardless of industry. This means, if we were to increase the emotional intelligence of 1 million people globally, the world would experience $29 billion of increased earning potential. If those million people invested 10% of their increased earnings in social causes, we would generate $2.9 billion to change the world.

Sound like an impossibly audacious dream?
You bet. All the more reason to try.

Welcome to the #JoyQoin Challenge.

Joy Qoins are the 'in-game' currency for Conversational EQ and our parent company YouEQ's entire Game Universe. In partnership with our founders, investors and Certified Trainers, we'll be investing in our platform to make the #JoyQoin Challenge a reality. We believe that with today's technology—including block chain and cryptocurrency—and connecting passionate people around the world, emotional intelligence can truly change the world.

Stay connected for more announcements of progress developments coming soon. Become a YouEQ member or Certified Trainer to join the #JoyQoin Challenge.