Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the Work Skill of the Future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Robots and artificial intelligence are automating jobs and work. Technical skills and training are being disrupted. Yet the need for EQ-based soft skills has never been greater.

90% of top performers today have high EQ which is responsible for 58% of your job performance. People with high EQ make $29,000 more per year.
— TalentSmart

The income potential for emotional intelligence is only expected to increase with automation. This is an unprecedented opportunity for professionals, contractors and entrepreneurs working with EQ.

The question is HOW?

The Fastest, Funnest & Most Cost-Effective Way to Train-Your-Brain for the Future of Work Skills

Using research-based neuroscience and gamification techniques, we've developed a framework to teach emotional intelligence and work skills of the future.

"Wait... did you say games?"

Yes, we did! Adding game dynamics to the brain science of EQ is what makes things fun, fast without the cost of expensive courses or coaching. We train entire groups at the same time.