Prime Six Courage Club Overview

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In the EQ2IQ course, you will learn how to teach emotional and social learning skills to children ages 4-8. EQ2IQ is the perfect introduction to the Prime Six Courage Club game and other levels of Conversational EQ when maturing children. At any time, feel free to ask us anything using the Coaching by Messenger.

Recommended 2-4 players including parent or educator.

How EQ2IQ Works

When children are emotionally and socially prepared for learning, academic success is dramatically increased. Children often develop learning blocks because they have not yet developed the capacity to regulate emotions such as fear or anxiety in social environments like the school. Developing emotional regulation also contributes to resilience which ensures children will continue learning even under stress and pressure.

Just as important is EQ2IQ teaches parents and educators how to interact and create psychologically safe bonds for learning. Instead of a common fear-based performance approach, this emotional and social learning framework equates learning as a joyful experience which leads to other soft skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and empathy. 

The EQ2IQ game content and mechanics were designed based upon children's development research. We conducted a meta analysis on the recommended emotional vocabulary, social and academic skills for children ages 4 to 8 by professional researchers and educators.