New Online Resources & Training Dates

We have been busy at work creating all the resources for our certification program. There are several updates that will apply differently depending upon the level of your certification and progress.

Certification Program Update

We now have two levels of certification. The first is a certificate of completion. Second is the Certified Games Master. Read more here >

Certification Levels and Dates

We now certify by level instead of making you drink water out of a fire hose. All 4 levels of Conversational EQ certification are available starting on March 30 and running through April 8th and April 15th. We will run all five levels again in May. Check the calendar here >

Instructions and Courses

Anybody trying to achieve certification should be accessing our new Qniversity menu for instructions and courses for each level. Prime Six Courage Club is complete and the rest is on its way shortly. See the Qniversity main menu here >

Certified Games Master Portal

If you are already certified, please make sure you contact us so we can invite you to the Games Master Portal. Also please respond to our Basecamp invites and make sure we have your bio and other information to include you in our directory.

Hope to see you soon.