How We Are Helping Our Trainers - New Modules!

Hello! Ed Kang here and I have some updates to share for our certified trainers. Here is a video to watch and below is the story behind it.

Solving Problems with Emotional Intelligence

Conversational EQ (formerly Conversations That), was born out of a desire to solve a problem. I was looking for a way to teach emotional intelligence in a more effective way, especially with my two boys. Adding game dynamics and making it a card game was the trick.

To this day, our process of "neuro-gamification" has proven to be effective and efficient. Without going into details, combining emotional intelligence with the brain science that makes games fun and engaging, accelerates retention and application. Problem solved!

That is, until we encountered a new problem.

"Look mom, no cards!"

After speaking to several professional coaches, the feedback was it's not always appropriate to break out a card game during a session. Also we encounter skepticism from time-to-time on the entire concept of gamification itself. I am sure many have thought, "A card game for emotional intelligence? Really?"

After some great discussions, my proposed question was, what if we could show our trainers how to teach emotional intelligence without breaking out any cards? In fact, the client wouldn't even have to know about Conversational EQ to begin with. Instead of playing Conversational EQ with clients, we would use the games to train trainers to be more effective using our neuro-gamification framework.

We are getting traction on this. Our certified coaches, consultants and trainers are always looking for unique differentiation that sets their business apart and creates opportunities to generate revenue. So, we decided to move to the next stage and begin teaching the framework that makes Conversational EQ so effective.

The Master Q Module series is designed to help our certified trainers take their own practice to the next level. This is also an incredible train-the-trainer opportunity for anybody that wants to help their companies with organizational development using emotional intelligence.

The first module is called Vibratory Frequency Method A. Once certified in this module, a trainer can also teach this methodology to anybody. Again, without the use of cards. But here is the best part, the cards can still be used in training the client in a fast and fun way.

We will be rolling out these training events starting in May. Please go check out our new certification page on how the program works.

Already certified? No problem!

These modules are available to all previously certified trainers without any additional cost. So don't miss out. Hope to see you soon.

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