Emotional Intelligence Master Q Certification

Conversational EQ Certified Games Masters and YouEQ Ambassadors can complete Master Q Module courses. These modules are based upon YouEQ's neuroscience and gamification intellectual properties.

The Master Q Training will provide Participants with competitive differentiation and increased revenue opportunities.

Cost & Commitment

Master Q Modules take between 16-20 hours per level. Final certification will not be granted without completing the prerequisite Conversational EQ levels. Certain modules must be completed in sequence. Certification sessions occur monthly on weekdays and weekends.

  • 1 Module Package = $995
  • 3 Module Package = $2,495
  • 5 Module Package = $3,995


The first 4 hours of training for each module is FREE to attend by those considering certification. After the first lunch break, payment will be required.

All paying participants will receive 10 Conversational EQ card decks of any level. These decks retail for $95 each and should be used to recoup the cost of certification.


  • Purchase all Level of CEQ card decks at wholesale prices.
  • Receive 50% affiliate commission (after shipping) from any online sales.
  • Receive a referral commission of 10% on any training referrals

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