Leadership EQ 101: Neuro-Gamification


Leadership EQ 101 is the foundation for all Master Q modules. Completing this module will introduce the EQ skills in Conversational EQ levels:

  • CEQ - LVL 0 P6CC: Prime Six Emotional Scale
  • CEQ - LVL I EQTunement: Corrective Complex, Collaborative Change
  • CEQ - LVL II SOAr: Summaries, Open Questions, Appreciations, reflections

Brain Training the EQ Circuit

The human brain can be trained to complete a four stage circuit using emotional intelligence. The more optimized this circuit, the faster individuals can move themselves from 'Corrective Complex' to 'Collaborative Change'. Understanding the difference between grey and white matter of the brain, EQ skills can become EQ habits operating at 200 times the speed. But individuals that get "stuck" at a specific stage cannot achieve full emotional and relational maturity. 

  • Stage A: ATTACHMENT – Thalamus & Nucleus Accumbrens
  • Stage B: ASSESSMENT – Amygdala
  • Stage C: ATTUNEMENT – Cingulate Cortex
  • Stage D: IDENTITY – Prefrontal Cortex

EQ Leadership Skills

In 101, leaders and coaches will learn to use Conversational EQ skills of 'EQTunement' and 'SOAr' to lead and intrinsically motivate others towards 'Collaborative Change'. This is achieved in conversations, without the use of CEQ cards and without the 'coachee' having any experience with Conversational EQ. This technique is designed to be fluid and organic. The potential applications are vast, such as:

  • Business Negotiation
  • Teamwork & Chemistry
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Effective Networking
  • Marriages & Parenting

Trainers and coaches that learn Leadership EQ 101 will be authorized to instruct others in Conversational EQ as a standalone product or part of a package, at any desired price.

Certification Details

  • Leadership EQ 101: 2-Days 16 Hours - $995


  • Complete Examination

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