Leadership EQ 401: Team Facilitator


Training emotional intelligence—from an individual perspective—is not always the most efficient or effective approach. Using neuroscience and game dynamics, it is possible to increase the EQ of entire groups to foster creativity, culture and community.

Organizationally speaking, more work is done in teams than ever. In a study, Cross, Rebele and Grant (2016) state that over the past two decades time spent in collaborative activities has increased by 50% or more. The same study found that of 300 organizations, 20% to 35% of value added collaborations came from 3% to 5% of employees. 

The biggest culprit preventing effective collaboration is that today's leaders are not natural facilitators. This requires EQ-based training which is the focus of this module which uses Neuro-Gamification to facilitate teams and larger groups.

Facilitating Joy in Groups

The emotional intelligence of an entire group can be scaled by harnessing the neuroscience of joy and game dynamics. This involves facilitating the following core principles which coincide the with four stages of the EQ Brain Circuit.

  1. Be aware of, and avoid Corrective Complex (the knee jerk reaction to fix, heal, convert, teach and direct) in all interactions.
  2. Always make space for those in strength and weakness to engage and interact together.
  3. Respond appropriately with emotional intelligence and attunement (see, hear, understand, care) with those that share their vulnerability and weakness.
  4. Use peace (cozy feeling that all is right in the world) as the standard to measure authentic joy.

Facilitating Teams

YouEQ has developed a game product called Qulture Quest. Qulture Quest is an EQ-based gamification framework for highly effective team meetings that take as little as 20 minutes. There are 4 parts to a Qulture Quest meeting:

  1. Results - Team "Scoreboard"
  2. Appreciation - Team "Highlights"
  3. Experience - Studying "Film"
  4. Activation - Improving Individual "Stats"

Trainers and coaches will be able to teach clients Qulture Quest and facilitate collaborative meetings for results.

Certification Details

  • Leadership EQ 401: 2-Days 16 Hours - $995

To Complete Certification:

  • CEQ - LVL 0: P6CC - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL I: EQTunement - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL II: SOAr - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL III: HEARTS - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • 10 Qulture Quest Practice Sessions with Feedback

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