Leadership EQ 301: Conflict & Feedback


In every area of personal or professional relationships, conflict is inevitable. Conflict is different than healthy competition. If avoided or left unchecked, conflict can become toxic and detrimental to individual and organizational wellness. While many try to avoid it, nobody can escape conflict.

In this module, Certified Games Masters will learn how to facilitate appropriate conflict within groups, using emotional intelligence. Groups will also learn how to be direct with feedback and create a "culture of candor."

Elephants & Landmines

The proverbial "elephant in the room" represents conflict that is plainly obvious yet avoided by all. While landmines are the emotional triggers we all have that can explode into conflict. When combined—with elephants standing on landmines—relationships and environments become toxic.

Emotional triggering occurs at Stage A of the EQ Brain Circuit. While conflict avoidance occurs because our brains go offline at stage B.

  • Stage A: ATTACHMENT – Thalamus & Nucleus Accumbrens
  • Stage B: ASSESSMENT – Amygdala
  • Stage C: ATTUNEMENT – Cingulate Cortex
  • Stage D: IDENTITY – Prefrontal Cortex

Individuals stuck at stage A and B are in a constant neurological state of "flight, fight or freeze"—in which every interaction will always be judged as "good, bad or scary."

VOID Technique

While the typical tendency is to AVOID conflict, this module teaches the VOID technique, which completes the EQ Brain Circuit for stages C and D. Groups will learn to interact and deliver feedback with:

  • V - Vulnerability
  • O - Opportunity
  •  I  - Invitation
  • D - Directness

Trainers and coaches will be able to teach clients the VOID technique and even use it themselves to provide higher quality feedback in their own programs.

Certification Details

  • Leadership EQ 301: 2-Days 16 Hours - $995

To Complete Certification:

  • CEQ - LVL 0: P6CC - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL I: EQTunement - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL II: SOAr - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • CEQ - LVL III: HEARTS - 3 Passed Evaluations
  • 10 VOID Technique Practice Sessions with Feedback

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