Certified Games Master

Brenda Jacobson

Location: Calgary

Certified: October 2017

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Brenda Jacobson
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About Brenda Jacobson

I have a great passion for helping people become the absolute BEST version of themselves. This means firing powerfully on all cylinders—at the same time.

As a finance executive and business strategist I came to realize I couldn’t reach my financial targets or strategic goals without every member of my team playing full out. As I worked to help each person optimize their potential I realized how different everyone was—each one requiring a unique approach to their personal development. Discovering new ways to impact people and performance turned into a passion I pursued relentlessly.

This became exponentially more important a few years later after I fell down a mountain—literally. Most my recovery time was spent in a virtual cocoon of my own making. I went in as a caterpillar—knowing full well how this creature fit into the world. And emerged as a butterfly with no idea how this entity fit in.

This journey of discovery re-ignited my passion for optimizing people. When I trained in Conversational EQ I realized it was the missing piece—the piece that bridged the gap. 

Conversational EQ became part of the YouEQ Game Universe. YouEQ encompasses a series of research-based Train-Your-Brain games that incorporate neuro science, intrinsic motivation, emotional intelligence and whole-health and ties them all together using game dynamics. People can now create an environment where their brains motivate themselves.

Optimizing potential is now a great deal of FUN!