The Twelve Elements of Emotional Intelligence

According to Daniel Goleman and Richard E. Boyatzis, we can fall into the trap of narrow and limiting definitions of emotional intelligence. Goleman and Boyatzis identify four domains and twelve competencies to emotional intelligence (resource can be found here).


  1. Emotional Self-Awareness


  1. Emotional Self-Control
  2. Achievement Orientation
  3. Positive Outlook
  4. Adaptability

Social Awareness

  1. Empathy
  2. Organizational Awareness

Relationship Management

  1. Influence
  2. Coach and Mentor
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Inspirational Leadership (Inspiration)
  5. Teamwork

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Article, after a 360 degree assessment to measure all twelve areas of EI: 

Coaching is the most effective method for improving in areas of EI deficit. Having expert support during your ups and downs as you practice operating in a new way is invaluable.

We agree with the above recommendation for coaching. At the moment, the CONVERSATIONS That framework seeks to address the domains of self-awareness and a portion of relationship management. In conjunction with coaching from Emotional Wealth Management Inc., or other emotional intelligence specialists, the other areas can be trained.