We Believe...

People need more fun in their lives.

People have a desire to be healthy all-around.

People want to be productive and engaged in the work they do.

These ideas are connected. 

Our Core Purpose

Creating a state where people feel passionate, energetic, committed to their projects, and invest their best selves—hearts, spirits, minds and hands—in the work they do.

Our Core Values

Creating expansion

Education coupled with experience creates expansion. Once people experience their world from an expanded perspective it’s much easier to find those elements of inspiration.

Inspiring people

Inspiration comes when a person discovers their purpose and taps into the passion that fuels it—when the light clicks on and everything becomes clear.

Engaging compassion

When people feel a sense of connection they see themselves as part of a greater whole—with genuine recognition and appreciation of others.

Connecting to nature

There is a rhythm in nature that resonates at a very deep level within each of us. Connecting with natural elements of both our internal and external environments creates a sense of peace and relaxation.


YouEQ stands as a true project of shared leadership. Weaving together a group of leaders with unique life experiences, talents and passions has created the optimal environment to generate this innovative solution to challenges we all face.

We created YouEQ for people seeking a unique way to expand their lives by recapturing physical health, managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm, creating emotional well being, mastering mindset and infusing this with purpose and passion.  

Fueled by the belief that people need more fun in their lives, we draw on the science of gamification to create a dynamic way to learn, retain, communicate and connect. This will empower people to become the absolute best version of themselves.