Core Principle 2

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(Just) Play Games

Games First, EQ Training Second

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Although Conversational EQ is used to train emotional intelligence, Conversational EQ is, first and foremost a game, and is part of the YouEQ Game Universe. The reason we use the term "Certified Games Master" is to remind us all to play games first and train emotional intelligence second.

This means all Games Masters do not have to be experts in EQ, nor are they expected to be. Of course, if you happen to be trained in emotional intelligence or a recognized professional in a related field such as executive coaching or counselling, we encourage you to integrate all expertise with Conversational EQ.

One benefit of taking a games-first approach is avoiding Corrective Complex. During any training, if one individual is considered "the expert" there can be a relational imbalance and increased potential for Corrective Complex. Just playing games maximizes the gamification research, neuroscience of joy and Collaborative Change.

Finally, and possible most important, we believe that taking a games-first approach will empower many more individuals to become Certified Games Masters and expand the positive impact of Conversational EQ.

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