Core Principle 1

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Create Joy

Avoid Corrective Complex

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In Conversational EQ, "Joy" is defined as "glad to be together in strength and weakness". As a Certified Games Master, you agree to act in a way that creates joy first whenever training Conversational EQ. There are three ways in which we accomplish this:

  1. Be aware of and avoid Corrective Complex (the knee jerk reaction to fix, heal, convert, teach and direct) in all interactions.
  2. Always make space for those in strength and weakness to engage and interact together.
  3. Respond appropriately with emotional intelligence and attunement (see, hear, understand, care) to those that share their vulnerability and weakness.
  4. Use peace (cozy feeling that all is right in the world) as the standard to measure authentic joy.

We recognize that these concepts can be challenging and are not developed over night. They require high degrees of emotional and relational maturity. This is where we are committed to direction over perfection. 

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