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Certified Games Master Agreement

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It is our pleasure to confirm the terms under which Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc., the owner of Conversational EQ and the YouEQ Game Universe, is extending to you a license in our Certified Games Master Program. By being a registered member of this site, you agree to the following terms.

Certified Games Masters pay CAD $95/month (unless waived) to maintain a certification page on this website, access the Games Master Portal content and purchase Conversational EQ products at wholesale costs.

Certified Games Masters are authorized to sell Conversational EQ products and training, as independent contractor, at any price of their choosing. There is no obligation for the payment of royalties on income from your use of Conversational EQ intellectual property.

Certified Games Masters receive the following commissions:

  • 50% net revenue, after shipping costs, for any customer that purchases products from this website only if customer references your name during the ordering.
  • 50% of the fee paid by any individual for a certificate of completion.
  • 50% of monthly membership fees for any other Certified Games Master you refer, only if your name is referenced during registration.

Commissions are calculated at the end of each month and paid within 30 days by Paypal or online bank transfer.

Successful completion of each certification level of Conversational EQ is based on the following criteria:

  • Online membership and fees paid and current.
  • 3 verified trainee evaluations with a minimum 80% grade.
  • Approval by Master level Converstional EQ or YouEQ Trainer.

Terms of License

Our joint vision is that you will actively train your clients, individually or in a small group setting, to use and apply Conversational EQ techniques. At the successful completion of any level of Conversational EQ certification training, you will able to represent yourself as a “Conversational EQ Certified Games Master” or “Certified Trainer” and use names and trademarks of YouEQ.

In order to do this effectively you agree to sincerely practice Conversational EQ techniques and Core Guiding Principles of 1) Create Joy, 2) Play Games, and 3) Choose Courage, while acting in a manner which does not reflect adversely on Conversational EQ and YouEQ's name and reputation.

In order to assure intellectual property protection, the appropriate use of Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc. copyrighted material, techniques, registered trademark symbols and designations, and the integrity of information in our public exposure, you agree to distribute only the material approved for such use and supplied to you by Conversational EQ and YouEQ. As part of your training you will receive detailed information and instructions about the proper use of Conversational EQ and YouEQ trademarks and copyrighted material. If, at any time, you are not clear on the proper use, please contact YouEQ for assistance.  If you wish to use the Conversational EQ and YouEQ trademarks and copyrighted information in handouts, slides, books, articles, Web sites, media outlets, etc., you must first obtain written permission and approval of content from Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc.

Modifications of the Conversational EQ techniques and intellectual property are considered derivative works and are the property of Conversational EQ and YouEQ. Modifications may be made only with specific written permission from Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc. Modifications include translations, editorial revisions, or other written adaptations that are based on the original Conversational EQ work.

This License does not grant permission to extend to others authority to use Conversational EQ materials or information as stated in this license. If you have members of your staff who deliver your services to clients, they need to take the training and agree to these terms in order to use these materials.

Information flow and staying current are important to your status as a Conversational EQ Certified Games Master. You agree to register and regularly review the Web‐based Certified Games Master Portal material, to respond to requests for information within two weeks of that request..

We mutually agree that you are not an employee of, nor do you represent any of the Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc., and YouEQ companies. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for all costs associated with the use of Conversational EQ information, including federal and state/provincial taxes and all costs associated with your business or for its success and decisions totally independent of Conversational EQ and YouEQ. Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc. does not make any warranties or representations as to your success as a Conversational EQ Certified Games Master or Certified Trainer or the role of Conversational EQ in that success. If you have employees, you agree that they will follow the terms of this Agreement.

Because Conversational EQ research and techniques relate to mental and emotional health you agree to act in accord with the following Conversational EQ policy and not make any claims contrary to this policy: “Conversational EQ has developed highly successful training for self-improvement in emotional intelligence and well-being. Conversational EQ techniques and materials are not intended to replace treatments for medical or psychological conditions by licensed physicians, psychologists or other health care professionals.”

This Agreement is valid for 30 days and will be renewed automatically unless either you or Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc. cancel the online membership. Non-payment of the membership fee does not result in cancellation of your certificate of completion, only loss of the benefits of online membership and commissions. Non-payment of the membership fee will result in permanent forfeit of all commissions.

If any conflicts arise we agree to 1.) Directly negotiate with each other; 2.) Choose an independent third party mediator; and 3.) If we still cannot reach agreement, to use binding arbitration instead of going to court. If we are not able to work out our problems in these ways immediate irreparable injury could be caused for which injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy in addition to others. If you have a dispute with a client or other third party relating to Conversational EQ products and information, notify us so we can be present at a meeting of the parties to assist in resolution.

We both agree not to assign this agreement to anyone else and not to modify it except in writing. We cannot bind each other or act as each other’s agent. Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc. is not liable for your actions and you are not liable for Fundamental 4 Strategy Inc.'s actions. We will both keep adequate liability insurance.

This License shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the province of Alberta, Canada. In the event that any actions are necessary to resolve the terms of this Agreement, the venue for any action concerning this Agreement shall be Calgary Alberta, Canada. The terms of this agreement are effective as of the date of membership registration into the program.

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